Material Testing

material testing

Material testing

To help you characterize and compare specific features of materials

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Material Testing

Material Testing is an important step when selecting new materials. The test information fathered allows customers to compare materials and select the most suitable application/combination. Our Material Testing Services include: 

Tensile Testing – ASTM D882

These tests are used to determine the mechanical properties of the test substrate such as tensile strength, elongation and the resilience of the materials to breakage.
tensile testing

Slip Testing / Coefficient of Friction – ASTM D1894

Slip Testing is used to determine the static and kinetic coefficients of friction of materials. Slip testing properties are important to consider when looking at automated filling processes and stacking properties of filled packages.
altitude testing

Gelbo Flex Testing – ASTM F392

Gelbo Flex Testing determines flexural resistance of a material by applying repetitive strain through a combination of twisting and compression motion. After the flexing process the samples are tested for pinhole damage by means of a dye penetration testing.
gelbo flex testing

Bendtsen Porosity Testing – ISO 5636-3

Bendtsen Porosity Testing Services determines the air permeance of a porous substrate by measuring resistance to airflow through a material.
bendtsen porosity testing services

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Slow Rate Puncture Testing – ASTM F1306

Puncture Testing provides data on how well a product or material can withstand penetration forces required to puncture flexible packaging.
puncture testing

Breaking Force & Elongation of Textile Fabrics - ASTM D5035

Determines the resilience of a material by applying a force until the sample breaks.
Breaking Force & Elongation of Textile Fabrics - ASTM D5035

Dart Drop Impact Testing – ASTM D1709

Dart Drop Impact testing determines the energy needed to cause plastic film to fail under the impact of a free falling dart. Packaging must be able to withstand sudden impact, preventing functional failures and damage.
dart drop impact testing

Yield Testing – ASTM D4321

Yield Testing is used to determine mass per unit area of flexible materials, paper and board.
yield testing

Determination of Grammage – ISO 536 (Paper and Board)

Basis weight per unit area. 
Determination of Grammage - ISO 536 (Paper and Board)

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